Wheeler Express




Aircraft / kit manufacturer: Wheeler

Model: Express

Year: 2009

Registration: VH

Location airport: Taree Airport

Builder / history (if applicable): Built by Mr. Cyrus Ostowari

Airframe Serial Number:

Engine type: Lycoming

Engine serial number: Refer to log books

Engine Hours: Refer to Plane

Total airframe time: ?

Engine History (if applicable): ?

Registration status / Expiry dates: Registered

Accident history / details: ? bad landing, Prop strike, Damage to

landing gear (All repaired by owner)

Propeller type: Hartzell

Propeller serial number: ?

Propeller hours: 0

Hangar / storage history: Hangered at Taree airport

Avionics list (including standard instruments &



Work that needs to be completed / pending (list): ?

Reason for sale: Deceased Estate

Cruise speed: ?

BEW: / MTOW: ?

Fuel Capacity / no. of tanks: ?

Aircraft logbooks complete & available? Y/N Y

Wheeler Express


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