Grumman AA5A Cheetah



Grumman's engineers felt that the AA-5 design had more speed potential than the original Traveler, even with its 1975 improvements, and so embarked on an aerodynamic cleanup and redesign. Changes were made to the engine cowling and baffling to reduce cooling drag, the exhaust system was redesigned, the main landing gear fairings were further improved, the ventral fin was eliminated, and the horizontal tail was enlarged to allow a larger center of gravity range. Fuel capacity was increased from the Traveler's 37 US gallons to 52 gallons, thus increasing its range.


The new variant was named the AA-5A Cheetah and was introduced as a 1976 model in late 1975. In keeping with its namesake it was six knots (seven mph) faster than the Traveler with the same 150 hp (110 kW) Lycoming O-320-E2G powerplant. Because the Cheetah looked very much like the Traveler externally, Grumman's marketing department created a "leaping cheetah" emblem to differentiate it from the earlier AA-5.


Grumman sold its light aircraft division to Gulfstream Aerospace in 1978 and the division was renamed Gulfstream American. Gulfstream continued production of the AA-5A until 1979. A total of 900 Cheetahs were produced.



Aircraft / kit manufacturer:



AA5A Cheetah





Location airport:


Builder / history (if applicable):


Airframe Serial Number:


Engine type:

Lycoming O-320 E2G (160HP)

Engine serial number:


Engine Hours:

1988.4 To run (11.6 hours) Overhauled 2/6/02 Hawker Pacific and 12 years. 23/1/20 last annual, flew June 2020. Hangered. Oil filter inspection carried out.

Total airframe time:

2989hrs / internally factory painted, some minor surface corrosion rectified

Engine History (if applicable):


Registration status / Expiry dates:


Accident history / details:


Propeller type:

McCaulley IC172BTM 73” 59

Propeller serial number:


Propeller hours:

2188.4hrs to run NIL calendar life (fixed pitch)

Storage history:

Hangered all life

Avionics list (including standard instruments & radios):

A/P disconnected. All instruments working.

Work that needs to be completed / pending (list):


Reason for sale:


Cruise speed:



627.5kg / 998kg

Fuel Capacity / no. of tanks:

94litres per side useable

Aircraft logbooks complete & available? Y/N


All extras included in the sale:


Other details (please use space below if necessary):


Eg. Last engine compressions


Performance, fuel flows, any items for special note: Last compressions:




PVT Category


STC SE682NE for O-320 higher compression conversion



Grumman AA5A Cheetah


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