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  • Sling 2 & Sling 4 

  • Glasair 2 S RG (retractable gear) or Glasair 3

  • Lancair or fast single (2 place) >160kts (all models considered) 

  • Reliable Bush aircraft, with weight capacity for Full Fuel, Pilot + 1 Pax  $25k-$35k

  • Jabiru J160, preferably Rotax motor, needs to have been always hangared $40k- $50k

  • RV-7, RV-9, RV-10, RV-12 (all models considered)

  • Sonex aircraft (all models considered)

  • Cirrus SR20 /22 aircraft (all types and price brackets)

  • Foxbat aircraft (all types considered)

  • Micro Aviation Bathawk (preferred with Rotax 912 motor)

  Updated March 2018 

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